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The step by step tutorials are fun and easy to grasp as they guide you through the design process, from setting up your drawing, drawing walls, doors, windows, foundation, roof, to creating finished construction documents. By the time you have finished the book tutorials you will have drawn a beautiful modern 2-story residence, complete with a walk-out basement, decks, and landscaping.  You will also become proficient with CA X8’s new and enhanced features including the ability to display shadows in elevation and section views, which now includes the ability to control shadow intensity. The book is loaded with concise explanations with step by step tutorials that will give you a hands on experience in developing a real home design project from start to finish. Other new features that are completely covered by this book include creating archival .zip files, a sticky mode for the break edit tool, the ability to export your entire User library, being able to specify that the sun rotates with camera, story pole dimensions for elevation and cross-section views,  and many other new enhancements and tools that will make your home design work more proficient and professional. Coverage includes:
  • Finding your way around the Chief Architect interface
  • Managing your drawing projects
  • Creating the building shell

  • Developing and working with stairs, roofs, decks, and bath and kitchen design
  • Adding a stepped foundation and applying a monolithic slab to the garage
  • Adding electrical and lighting
  • Creating a site plan and developing the terrain
  • Working Drawings
  • Color Renderings
  • Walkthroughs
  • Layers
  • Annotation Sets
  • Schedules
  • Dimensioning and Text
  • Text Styles
A DVD is included with each​ book, which includes additional step by step bonus chapters, a color PDF of the book, and hundreds of working files. Also included on the DVD is a Workbook and a Study Guide. The Workbook, by itself, is a $40 value, that you can now get for the price of this one book, “Residential Design Using Chief Architect X8”! Both the Workbook and the Study Guide are step by step tutorials to further enhance your proficiency in using Chief Architect so that you can start creating your own custom home designs.

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You Will Create This Home Using the Tutorials in the Book to Include Framing, Interior Design, Electrical, Stepped Foundation (part crawl space, part full basement), Dormers, Decks and Balconies, Site Plan and Landscaping, Schedules, Construction Drawings, and More!