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This Chief Architect training book is a comprehensive reference and tutorial that will help you quickly master creating roofs, both automatically and manually, using the Chief Architect 3D home design software. Featuring concise explanations, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on experience based on realistic designs, this step by step training tutorial covers everything from simple roof design to complicated roof design. Included are step by step exercises where you will create hip, gable, gambrel, mansard, gullwing, dormers, circular, domes, flat roofs, and more. The book includes Can You Do It? exercises that test your knowledge of key learning points throughout the text. This Step by Step book is recommended as a certification preparation study guide resource for the Chief Architect certification program. Serves as an in-depth resource on the fundamentals and advanced functions and features of Chief Architect roof creation tools. Describes how to effectively and easily create roofs both automatically and manually using Chief Architect. When should you draw roofs manually and when should you use Chief Architect's automatic roof drawing features? This book explains it all. Can You Do It? hands on exercises throughout the book designed to use techniques discussed in the text to solve realistic roof design problems. Features a CD with color PDF of the book and all the necessary files used in the exercises throughout the book. This detailed tutorial is mandatory reading if you're eager to become proficient with Chief Architect roof creation abilities.

Be able to design and create any roof system by following the step by step tutorials in the book!