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As-Built Description

In the building construction industry, "as-built" refers to a drawing that shows the existing room(s) as they are currently built. This normally includes the location of walls, windows, doors, fixtures, dimensions, etc. The as-built drawing shows the building as it actually is. This is different than a  design drawing.  A design drawing shows the designer's plan for changing the layout and/or performance of a building. This can be a critical distinction, because we have found that a  building is rarely constructed  as shown in the original design drawings.

How is it that building drawings can be consistantly inaccurate?  There are many reasons. Here are just a couple: During construction there may have been conditions which forced the builders to make changes from the original plans. Former occupants or owners may have made several renovations and/or improvements, which were never documented and recorded.

Our as-built drawings accurately document the current dimensions and layout of the building, and show existing conditions "as-is".

MDS takes strigent measures, both in the field and in the office, to make sure that the as-built drawings that we produce are highly accurate, organized, and professional, and will accomplish the needs as defined by the client.